I am Sylvia, and I am Mouchette.org 's biggest fan. .
Like young Mouchette I am an artist, and with this shop I express myself through Mouchette's universe, while paying tribute to her.

I have loved Mouchette ever since I first found her, many years ago. She has given me so much, and now I want to give something back. She has been a constant inspiration to me, and therefore I would like to tab my own creativity in a way that pays tribute to Mouchette in a beautiful way. Mouchette has put a link to my shop on her website, which is the biggest honour of my life. I am deeply thankful to her.

This fanshop is completely safe (using PayPal for payments) and I guarantee you a good product! If you would like to to contact me to make a remark about the webshop or just to learn more about me and my art, then send me an

I would very much appreciate your opinion as well, or even just a simple hello!

Thank you for visiting my webshop. Best, Sylvia.